How to Fix Wifi Keeps Disconnecting?

Wireless is involved with so many networking Components like routers, Modem, Extenders, Laptops, and Phones and we help you connect them Together.

Internet is a Fragile Thing and it has become Easy to Use but complicated to Troubleshoot. when wireless is involved with so many networking Components like routers, Modem, Extenders, Laptops, and Phones. Today in this post you will get to help With Questions Like -why does my WiFi keep disconnecting?

Please Read this Post till Last to Understand and Prevent Your device from WiFi Keeps disconnecting issue. this Topic Does not Define the Device that may have caused you trouble so this is An Standard Manual for all devices that have WiFi that Keeps disconnecting issues With devices.

Why does the Laptop Wifi Keeps Disconnecting?

Now Back to the Topic and let’s Focus on the reason That causes your WiFi to Keep Dropping internet Connection Randomly.

Now there are a clear few reasons that could be behind the issues when we Know the devices Involved Like Laptop WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Or iPhone keeps disconnecting but Here We Have to Keep every Possibility in Mind that could Cause WiFi Frequent disconnection Problems Regardless of Device.

Please Cross these issues one by one and Get a stable internet connection.

why does wifi keep disconnecting
  • Overheating of Network Devices.
  • Forget Network and Reconnect
  • Auto Disabling Airplane Mode
  • Outdated Wireless Driver
  • Distance from the router
  • Change in Network Profile & location
  • Power management of wireless Card
  • Outdated Wireless Driver
  • Outdated Hardware Components 
  • Slow Internet From Internet Provider
  • Outdated Operating system
  • Antivirus & Firewall causing the issue 

Let’s start to Troubleshoot the WiFi internet Random Disconnecting issue & start with the basic One-

Overheating Network System

forget wifi network

In summer days it’s quite common to have devices overheating because of overuse. Many of us leave WiFi routers, laptops, and other devices Plugged in, power, and switch on for days and it gets them overheated.

On summer days it’s quite common to have devices overheating because of overuse. Many of us leave WiFi routers, laptops, and other devices Plugged in, power, and switch on for days and it gets them overheated.

  • Please Turn off the Internet Router & Modem.
  • Unplug the power cable and leave it off for 10 minutes.
  • Switch Off the computer Or the Concerned Device With a problem and let it cool off.
  • plug everything back again and Use the wireless connection to see if the WiFi Connection is stable.

in any instance, if your try these steps if hp laptop won’t connect to wifi at all.

Forget Network and Reconnect

  • Go to Your Computer WiFi Network List where you are connected with it Please Right Click on Your Network Name and click Forget.
  • Once Disconnected Please restart the computer
  • Now reconnect with the WiFi network using the wireless password and check the Box to Remember it.

Auto Disabling Airplane Mode

This is a rare but known issue where we see that airplane Mode trips automatically sometimes cause your WiFi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. there could be many reasons behind the issues but updating the wireless driver seems to fix the issue.

Update Wireless Driver

If the problem is with the laptop then you must Follow these Steps to Update the wireless driver for the laptop.

update wireless driver
  • Go to Your computer and Press the Windows Key + R Together on the keyboard.
  • Type ncpa.cpl and press Ok Or You can Go Manually Go to Control Panel >Network And Internet>Network & Sharing Center >change adapter Settings>Select Your Current WiFi Network Adapter
  • Right Click on it and Go to the Properties then Under the WiFi adapter Settings Please Click on configure
  • Go to the Driver and Hit on Update Driver and you may see a new Box with 2 Options.
  • Click on Search Automatically for updated Driver Software and Get an auto-update.
  • You can also manually install the driver if you want to use the 2nd option. for that, you may need to download the wireless driver from the official laptop manufacturer’s website and then upload it using the second option.
auto update wifi driver

Power Management of Wireless Driver

power management of wifi

Follow the same Steps as Given above. Once You Reach the Properties of the wireless adapter Please Go to Power Management instead of Driver.

  • Unchecked the Box that says allow the computer to turn Off this device to save power.
  • save the settings and Exit the Box

Inaccurate WiFi Network Mode

wireless mode

Use the same steps and Go to wireless adapter settings Or Press the Windows Key + R Together on the keyboard & Open the Run Box.

  • Type devmgmt.msc and Press Ok
  • Now you should be Under the device manager Please Locate Network adapters and click on it.
  • Dabble click on it the WiFi adapter that you are using an Under Properties Click on Advanced
  • Under Here You can select Your Wireless Network Mode and set it to dual-band if possible set the 802.11a/b/g Wireless Mode to Dual-Band 802.11a/b/g or 802.11a/b/g

Change Network Location

When Asked Network Location Please Choose Home Network if it is Home Network For workplace You can choose Work Network Or Public Network as per your administrator’s Guidance. if any other devices such as printer keep disconnecting from wifi then the given guide would help you with that.

Reset Wi-Fi AutoConfig service

reset wifi autoconfig
  • Go To Your Computer and press the Windows Key+ R Together
  • See a Run Box at the Left-Hand Side Please Remove Everything from it and type Services.msc and Click Ok
  • Under the service Locate Wlan Autoconfig and dabble click on it.
  • adjust the startup type to automatic and apply the settings and then click Ok to exit.

Slow Internet From Internet Provider

Depending on your Internet plan Or internet Provider your slow internet could also be the cause of the problem you have with your WiFi disconnecting. Please Check your Internet stability by contacting our Network specialist to take care of it for free.

Check Router Settings

There are important settings in your WiFi router that can directly affect your WiFi performance. Issues such as –

  • Outdated Router Firmware 
  • Settings changes in Router 
  • Wrong Router Encryption Type 
  • IP Conflict In-Network
  • Overloaded Network Capacity 

Your Router Hold Most part of the Solution to Fix the WiFi keeps disconnecting Issue. Please Login wireless Router Using the default Settings and Check the Router settings.

Here is an example for asus router login and using similar methods you can login to any router dashboard.

  • After router Login Please go to Router Utilities to Update the Router to the latest firmware available.
  • If You have recently changed Settings such as Password & Security Encryption then Please Change it to the Recommended Settings. Select a Complex Password With WP2-PSk Security Protocol.
  • WPE Security passwords Know to have these WiFi drooping & frequent Internet issues So its really impotent to choose the correct security protocol for router
  • Sometimes Because of Technical Glitch its possible to have IP conflicts. Please Change the Router default gateway if the conflicting device is the router itself.
  • Under the router dashboard after login please go to connected devices and check to make sure that any unauthorized devices is not Sucking Up your WiFi capacity. change the WiFi password and setup an admin password to protect the router.
  • Close Or Secure Guest Networks and Block any unwanted device that you wish not to connect with the wifi network.

Distance from the router

Any device that uses wireless Internet can have WiFi keeps disconnecting Problem. Devices such as Roku, Xbox, Printer, Blue-ray Player, and Many More However every Router has its own range.

Most Home Routers these days have Better technology and they may cover 100-110 square meters depending on your router.

But more you Go away from the Router the signal Quality may not be as good as you may get near the router. There is Wireless interference like Thick Walls, Multistory Buildings, and another part of the House that has many walls between the Router.

Installing a range extender Or Mesh WiFi Router can really help you fix the WiFi keeps disconnecting problem.

Outdated Hardware Components 

Hardware plays a big role when it comes to the speed, performance, and stability of wireless networks. if your WiFi keeps disconnecting for only one particular device then something is different about the issue.

Bring that device Closed to the router and if these devices still Keep disconnecting and if it is a computer or laptop then you can replace Network Card (N.I.C) Or You can Buy Wireless Adapter to add to your computer like a pen driver.

Changing the Router, Modem and In some cases, and Other devices may also help you fix the problem.

Reset The Router

reset the router
  • Plug the WiFi router to the power outlet and turn it on
  • Locate the Reset Key at the behind of the Router and find a tiny pointy thing like a paper clip or pen
  • press the reset key & Hold it for 20 seconds When all lights start blinking on the router please restart the router.
  • Perform the same reset One more time and restart the router again.
  • Setup the router like a New one & update the wireless driver.

Update/restore the Operating system

Most Windows and Mac computers may start acting strange and sometimes it may cause your WiFi to drop internet randomly. Please Update your Operating system Regardless of Platform windows, mac, Or Android to the latest version.

If you have recently updated your operating system and after the Update, it started drooping your WiFi connection the issue is there in your windows or mac update. Please Roll back Or restore the operating system to an earlier date when it was working fine.

Antivirus/Firewall Settings

It has been reported that some antivirus settings Or Outdated versions may meddle with WiFi connection. Please check all the settings and make sure that your antivirus protection is updated and in no way Blocking the internet connection.

That’s all for now, However, if you have any feedback Or Question Please Comment below and let us know if we can improve it for others.

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