Fix brother printer keeps disconnecting from wifi

Being interrupted in the midst of printing a document due to a lost internet connection is pretty annoying. If you are looking for a solution to such a problem, keep on reading. although we have already given a guide on how to fix the Printer that keeps disconnecting from wifi but this post is on customer demand.

 In order to perform the below-mentioned steps, you need to turn your firewall off. As soon as the network connection is stable, you can turn it back ON.

Make sure the printer is Turned ON

  • Make sure that your brother printer is connected to a power source and turn it ON. 
  • In case any error messages show up like paper jam issues etc, resolve the problem first before starting to perform the steps.

Connect your Brother printer to the router

  • See that there is no Ethernet wire running between the router and the brother printer. 
  • Press MENU and go to the print reports section. Now select router configuration and click black start. You should see the router configuration report being printed. 
  • Check the connectivity status, is the device connected or not? If it is, continue with the next steps. If not, check blogs on connecting brother printers to wifi.

Check if the printer driver is installed

  • Go on your PC, click on the START MENU and click RUN. 
  • Type CONTROL PRINTERS, click OK.
  • Now, a list of printers and scanners will appear. 
  • Check if the name of your brother’s printer appears in the list. If it doesn’t, it is because of improper driver installation. 
  • If you are looking forward to printing apps using print icons, you will need to set the brother printer as the default device.
  • To set the brother printer as the default printer, right-click on the brother printer icon and click default.

Make sure that the printer status is ready

  • Press START MENU and click RUN.
  • Type in CONTROL PRINTERS and click OK. 
  • Search for your brother printer and click on its icon, as soon as you do that you should see something along the lines of STATUS: READY and DOCUMENTS: 0.
  • If the documents are more than 0, right-click on the brother printer icon and press CANCEL ALL DOCS. The documents should be cleared out if you follow the same.

(If you see something along the lines of USE PRINTER OFFLINE, right-click on the brother printer icon and select USE PRINTER ONLINE. Or simply just uncheck the USE PRINTER OFFLINE option.)
(If you see that the status is paused, click on RESUME PRINTING or PAUSE PRINTING)

Connecting brother printer to wifi

Before getting started with connecting the printer to wifi, you should check the wireless connection settings of your router. You can do this by going to the network configuration page on the router. learn more about how to connect brother printer to wifi using multiple methods.

Steps to connect brother printer to wifi

  • Firstly, you need to check if the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) settings of your router are enabled. 
  • If you have configured the network settings for a certain network earlier, you will have to reset the network settings first. 
  • Now, your screen should go back to the Date and Time settings, wait for that to happen and soon after, the LAN menu will open. 
  • Click on MENU 7(LAN), 2(WLAN), 3(SETUP WIZARD)
  • You should now enable the WLAN, when you do so your wireless network will not be active. 
  • Your printer should be searching for wireless networks by now. After quite a bit of time, a list of network names will appear. Find your network and click on it. 
  • Use the down or up keys and select INFRASTRUCTURE. 
  • It’s time to choose the encryption and authentication settings. 
  • Now, click on the right key and click on OK.
  • Go to AES or TKIP and select which type of encryption you’ll want to use and click OK. 
  • Based on all of the details you’ve entered, the printing unit will try to connect to the wireless network. 
  • Pay attention to the screen, if it displays CONNECTED on it, then it’s time to party guys because you are now connected to the wireless network. 
  • But if you do not see the CONNECTED message on the screen, there is nothing to worry about, just repeat the above steps again until you get connected to the wifi network.

These were all the steps you will have to follow in order to fix the brother printer disconnecting from the wifi problem.

Is the problem not resolved yet? Then we have another solution

If you’ve followed all the steps mentioned above and even tried repeating the steps a couple of times, and still found no luck. There is one last solution, you can uninstall the brother printer drivers and then reinstall it back again.

This should definitely fix the problem. But if it doesn’t, then the problem is not in your hands, make a visit to a professional, he/she should be able to fix the problem. to know more check out wifi keeps disconnecting problem.

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