Why Can’t i Connect Belkin.setup network? How to fix it?

What is Belkin.setup?

Belkin.setup is the Belkin wifi range extender network. You can get this name on your wifi connection section on your device when you plug it into your power socket. You have to connect through your devices such as a laptop, computer, tablets, or mobile phones.

This helps in connecting to the Belkin extender through which your internet speed will increase. Connecting to the extender will provide you speed connection even on the corner space of your home or office.

Extenders are needed when the range becomes an issue & main router WiFi keeps disconnecting from the internet. Belkin is one of the best and famous brands to provide massive quality internet connections for your device. It will help you with quick access to internet-related work.

You absolutely need the Belkin extender, if you want a good network through your WiFi anywhere. If there is an annoying thing of not getting the network properly in your corner of the place, then you will move again and again near to the WiFi router.

That would be very annoying things you will have while working. So, to avoid those things to you, the Belkin extender plays a massive role. It will solve internet problems which are most important in your work.

But wait! Have you ever faced the issue of not showing Belkin.setup network name on your device? Yes, it happens! Sometimes it won’t show the network name even after you plug in your Belkin extender to the power socket.

Why fix it?

Simple! If you didn’t fix the error of not showing the “Belkin.setup” network name, you will not be able to connect the extender. If you fix this error then you are able to process the further steps. Thatswhy, Belkin.setup is the main to connect first in extender connection.

So, in this article, we will help you with some steps on how to fix this issue.

How to fix it?

Here we are going to share the steps which you have to follow thoroughly to make it work. let’s start with some basic checkpoints first.

  • make sure the Belkin extender is powered on
  • Disconnect the router & refresh the network list on your phone or computer
  • Now restart the Belkin extender & try again

Step 1:

Firstly, If your device doesn’t show Belkin.setup the network name in the wifi connection list, then you have to try to reset the Belkin extender. So, to reset it, you need to press the reset button on your Belkin extender and hold it for 10 seconds. Restart the computer as well.

Then the network name will get appeared on your device. Then you can head to the process of visiting the Belkin.range page on the web browser and connect to the wifi router.

Step 2:

If the above step doesn’t work, then simply follow this step to fix this error. So, all you have to do is to take an ethernet cable to connect your device to the Belkin extender at the other end. Then, it will work on your device to connect and work to the internet faster. So, then you can continue to the browser process by entering Belkin.range.

After covering all these simple steps, to get started with the Belkin.range process, you have to follow one more easy step. Go to the web browser and enter “https://belkin.range” on the address bar to visit the setup page. Or else you can visit as both are the same.

Later on, click on the Get started button and click on your wifi network with its password to get connected.

So these are the simple steps to fix your Belkin.setup not showing error. The above steps are effective and you will surely resolve this issue. We hope this article helped you and you are using the internet in a faster way.

in case you have Netgear extender use mywifiext.net or in case rockspace range extender use re.rockspace.local to access the extender console.

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