hp laptop won't connect to wifi

Why Hp Laptop Won’t Connect to Wifi & How to Fix It?

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today we help you fix a notorious problem that a lot of hp laptop users face with WiFi. this guide Helps you with almost any WiFi problem with a Hp laptop. without diagnostics, no one can be sure of which specific component or software has caused you trouble at the time so we are presenting you with a complete guide with easy steps & a full checkup process.

if your hp laptop won’t connect to wifi then this post is just for you and similar Problems can also be fixed using this Guide such as-

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Before we start with any major steps towards let’s understand properly what could inflict the problem with Hp laptop WiFi connectivity.

Why Hp Laptop Won’t Connect to Wifi

Experts have given multiple reasons behind the problem where the laptop won’t connect to wifi or any other trouble with it however we have come up with some hands-on less known tricks along with all old methods to fix the issue for you. but let’s list out most of the common causes behind laptops having trouble with the wifi network.

  • Outdated or corrupted wireless adapter drivers
  • Critical windows Update
  • Outdated Router Or IP Conflict
  • Security Authentication & change of Settings
  • Airplane Mode or Hardware Glitch
  • firewall & antivirus security blocking
  • Hardware failure

we have already given a guide on WiFi keeps disconnecting but this guide is dedicated to hp laptops with windows 10 operating system,

How to Fix Hp Laptop Wifi Problem

Since we have listed most of these potential reasons it’s turn for you to start doing the troubleshooting one by one here are steps you may need to fix your windows 10 hp laptop WiFi problem.

  • perform automatic Basic troubleshooting
  • Update/reinstall network adapters of hp laptop
  • Enable WiFi key in hp laptop or turn off the airplane mode
  • check router settings such as firmware update, blocking or security Protocol
  • troubleshooting firewall and antivirus software.
  • Perform Windows 10 System Restore/Refresh.
  • Hardware Checkup
restart the router

Before we begin please restart the laptop along with the wifi router. now let’s start with the troubleshooting step by step-

Automatic Basic troubleshooting

this is a basic diagnostic feature of windows 10 that helps you troubleshoot problems with the network adapter.

  • Left-click on your WiFi icon at the bottom of the screen
open network and sharing center
  • right-click on open network & internet settings
control panel
  • Under the network status, you may find an option for Network Troubleshooter
troubleshoot wifi problem
  • double click on network troubleshooter a to run it then let windows run the basic checkup on the network to find the issue on its own & come up with suggestions to fix the problem.
windows network diagnostics

see if that gets your hp laptop WiFi issue resolved. now if still, you have issues move to the next method & see if it helps.

Forgot the Network & reconnect

It’s a common fix but sometimes it really works when your hp laptop says it can’t connect to the network without giving any reason.

  • click on the WiFi icon & see all available network list
airplane mode
  • Now left click on your network name & forget it
foget this network
  • restart the laptop & connect it again with the same network using the wifi password.

Scan For Hardware changes

  • Press the Windows key + R to open the Run command.
Windows + R
  • type devmgmt.msc and press enter to device manager
run devmgmt.msc
  • left click on network adapters and Scan for hardware changes.
scan for hardware changes

try and update the WiFi driver again for any latest version.

Update wireless Network adapter

It’s quite easy to update/rollback the wireless adapter but without internet, there is a limited option so let’s try that.

  • Right-click on Start Key at the Left bottom of your Screen
  • type Device manager & then open it to Go to Network Adapters
network adapters
  • double click network adapter to open the list & select your wifi driver
  • Left-click on the wifi driver & update the driver
update driver software
  • you will be presented with two options, now choose the option search automatically for updated driver software only if you are connected to the internet.
  • the Internet can be connected by any Other means like connecting the laptop to the router/modem using Ethernet cable then choose option one.
update driver online/offline
  • once chosen it will automatically search for the latest updated driver & install it.
  • if the internet is not working on the laptop do choose to Browse my computer for driver software.
  • Find the relevant drivers for your WLAN & select your driver for installation & install it.
  • restart the computer & see if that works.

Enable WiFi Key /Turn off Airplane Mode

It’s a known glitch of most laptops where sometimes laptops automatically turn on the airplane mode or sometimes the airplane mode is on by mistake so turn off the airplane mode & then connect with the wifi network.

  • Click on the start key & type airplane mode
  • open the settings & turn off the airplane Mode & turn on the WiFi.
turn on airplane Mode

Update Outdated Windows 10

experts have suggested that while your network adapters are updated you must also make sure that your operating system is updated with the latest settings & bug fixes.

to check for any latest updates for your windows 10 please follow the steps below-

  • Click on the start key at the left bottom of your computer screen
  • type Windows Update & click on windows update settings
windows update settings
  • Click on Check for updates or install any pending updates which are already downloaded.
windows recovery
  • let the windows install any recommended updates automatically & once its done it will restart.

Perform a System Restore

there are times when critical windows update or non-compatible WiFi adapter drivers may result in your wifi refusing to connect with the hp laptop. to tackle the problem today we are going to help you restore the windows to an earlier version when the wifi was working.

  • Press Windows + R key together on your keyboard to open Run Command.
  • Type rstrui.exe and press enter to open the system restore console
restore windows
  • Click on next to start the console and check the box to show more restore points.
system restore points
  • select the date when wifi was working & click Finish the process to start the system restore

Please wait while your windows is being restored to your desired date once it’s done try connecting the hp laptop with a Wireless network.

if none of the issues help you resolve the hp laptop WiFi problem please try looking out of the box & check other responsible devices within the network system. signs of a problem can be printer keeps disconnecting from wifi

Check Router Settings

our experts suggest if you use a mobile hotspot/Router for WiFi Please change the wifi password. if the network is unsecured please password protect using the default IP. Please Perform router login with the help of the default username & password along with the default IP.

  • once you are login to the router please change the password for wireless.
  • update router firmware to the latest version.
  • make sure your laptop ip is not blocked or assigned a manual IP address from the console.

Update Antivirus / Unblock Firewall

its been observed that a firewall can be a big boundary between laptop & internet so please make sure the firewall is not blocking the internet. if you have any antivirus programs installed in your system please update it to the latest version. checkout what hp support base has to say about this.

we hope all these methods would really help you connect the hp laptop with the WiFi network. in case you still have any issues left to be fixed please contact support for help.

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