Fix Hp Printer Won’t Connect to Wifi in Easy Way?

hp printer won't connect to wifi

Hello there, if you are having trouble connecting the printer to wifi then this quick guide to help you understand why hp printer won’t connect to wifi and how do you fix it and get the printer connected to the wifi network.

First, you would need to find the root cause of the problem, and then we will help you apply the fix one by one starting with basic troubleshooting.

hp printers are among one of the best printer brands available to the market and hp printers are very easy to troubleshoot. Please read the post till last and fully the steps carefully without doing anything harsh.

Why Hp Printer Not Connecting to Wifi

not to be funny but assuming you know how to connect the hp printer to wifi, here are some quick reasons why the hp printer would refuse to connect with the wifi network.

  • The Wi-Fi password you Used to connect the Printer with wifi in incorrect
  • passwords is case sensitive and should be inserted carefully using the printer panel.
  • Security Authentication Protocol used by Router is Not supported By Printer.
  • the outdated router firmware Or outdated printer driver in case you used printer software to Connect the Printer to wifi.
  • The incorrect method used by the User to connect the hp printer to wifi
  • The printer has gone Offline or in deep sleep mode,
  • hp printer is not able to detect your wifi network
  • ip conflict caused by a technical glitch on the router.

given above were all the possible reasons why the hp printer is not connecting to wifi now let’s start the printer troubleshooting and get your issue Fixed.

Fix Hp Printer Won’t Connect to Wifi Problem

Always start with the basic checkup and troubleshooting and see that it can be fixed.

  • Restart the Printer and While you are doing that please restart the Wifi Router/Extender that is giving you internet.
connect hp printer to wifi
  • make sure the Printer is placed within the range of your wifi router.
  • Please make sure you know the correct password of your wifi network and make sure it’s case sensitive or not.
  • now go to the printer panel and use insert the wifi password manually to connect the hp printer to wifi.

let’s see if the problem has been resolved and you are able to connect the printer with the router. now let’s move towards some external troubleshooting involving other devices.

Here is the complete guide on how to connect the hp printer to wifi and set up the printer using the WPS method and WPS pin for hp printer

Check Wifi Router Settings

  • if you are using the wifi router or range extender please login to the router/Extender and update the firmware to the latest version available.
  • Make sure you use the supported Security Authentication protocol on the router with your wifi password such as WPS2-PSK
  • check to confirm that printer is not being assigned the same ip address as any other device in the network.
  • you can also change the router wifi password just to make sure the network key is not the cause behind the trouble but changing the wifi password would require you to reconnect all of your devices with the new password so do it at your own risk.

after you have made adjustments to your router settings please save the settings and restart the router and then try again to connect the hp printer to wifi and see if this has fixed your problem.

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Make Sure Hp Printer is not Offline

if your hp printer is offline then it will refuse to connect to wifi and then connect the computer to the printer using the USB cable that came with the printer.

  • Restart the printer using the power key on the printer.
  • Go to your computer and open the internet browser
hp pc hardware diagnostics
  • download the hp printer diagnostics tool and run it to make sure the problem is not with the printer.

Reinstall/Update Hp Printer Driver

if you have used your hp printer driver to connect the hp printer to wifi then it’s possible that your hp printer driver may be outdated or corrupted. also please Remove Any other Printer driver you may have

Update the hp printer driver

  • makes sure you have the internet on the computer to download and install the update.
  • Press the windows+ R Key together and type devmgmt.msc and press ok
update hp printer driver
  • under the device manager locate your hp printer driver and right-click on it
  • click on update and let the windows find the latest driver for the printer

Uninstall the hp Printer Driver

  • Go to your computer and if you are using the Windows computer please press the Windows + R Key together
  • Now you will see the run box on the left-hand side please type appwiz.cpl and click on Ok
  • under the list of the programs and application please find the hp printer driver please select it and right click on it to remove the program.
  • restart the computer and get ready for hp printer setup from the start the guide will also help you connect the hp printer to wifi.

there are multiple ways you can connect the hp printer to wifi such as the WPS push and WPS pin method if you have WPS enabled router.

Go to your computer and download the hp printer driver from the hp website and get started.

Please Comment Below if you still have issues with the hp printer won’t connect to wifi or any other problem with hp printer.

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