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Fix iphone keeps disconnecting from wifi Problem

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Frequently disconnecting WiFi is an issue that may interrupt Work, pleasure and Much More while using the internet. you might experience delay and disturbance in internet surfing, videos streaming, chatting and internet calling. this post is an complete guide on how to fix iPhone keeps disconnecting from WiFi So stay tuned till last and Get it fixed.

resolving wireless problems with iPhone is bit different then WiFi keeps disconnecting problem in other devices. So lets Understand It –

Why iphone randomly disconnects from WiFi

now there could be N number of issues behind the iPhone frequent disconnection from WiFi. let List them out and narrow the range before we jump for solutions –

  • Recent network change
  • Software Glitch
  • outdated operating software
  • Slow Internet connection
  • Overloaded Network Or exceeded usage
  • iPhone hardware failure
  • Router/modem Problem

Now you know what could cause your iPhone randomly disconnect from WiFi Lets stat working out a solution. Dear friends even the right steps done in wrong order creates more trouble. Now Start the Troubleshooting with basic steps –

Restart the Devices – Sometimes Restart the network components may help you fix overheating Or boot up related issues. Please Restart your WiFi router and iPhone then keep it off for Next 5 Min. Turn it on & check whether is has fixed the Problem.

Basic Troubleshooting

Now Lets perform a series of Quick troubleshooting steps that may help you fix the issue with iPhone WiFi disconnecting.

  • Make sure airplane Mode is off and wifi router is given you internet on other devices.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth it it is on for Now.
  • your iPhone should be in the range of your WiFi network depending on your wifi router.

Most of iPhone will remember the network and password of your WiFi and auto connect whenever there is save network available. Please disconnect from wifi and remove this saved information to solve any bug.

Forget the Network– go to your iPhone and press the wifi option. look at the available network list and click on your network. click on Remove/Forget to exit the WiFi network and restart the Phone. Now your Phone should be disconnected from WiFi network and after the restart please Try to connect with your WiFi network using the wireless password of your WiFi or hotspot.

iPhone/Router Firmware Update- an outdated version of the iPhone or wifi router may cause issues while making a secure and stable internet connection. Please Login to your WiFi router and check for firmware update, also go to your iPhone settings and look for firmware updates and install any latest version if available.

Slow Internet Connection – if your internet connection slow or Overloaded by usage or Number of website then your internet is bound to be unstable depending on your internet connection.Please check your connection speed and if other devices works fine then the issue is with iPhone.

If your iPhone is still drooping the internet then lets try with some In depth tricks.

Fix iphone WiFi Disconnection issue

before going further please make sure the problem is only with the iPhone and no other devices has the same issue using the same WiFi network. if other devices have the same problem then the issue is with the internet connection Or Router.

in case of problem with router you can reset it to default settings However if you see only iPhone keeps disconnecting from WiFi then Proceed with further troubleshooting-

Renew Lease – go to the settings of your iPhone, select wifi and Tap on Bold i that represents information. now tap on renew lease and now exit the settings and see if that connection is stable this time.

Reset Network Settings -restoring the iPhone network settings to default settings may help you fix the issue.Please follow the steps to give it a try-

  • Go to Settings
  • under settings find General and tap on it
  • in next screen tap reset at the bottom
  • tap on Reset network settings
  • when asked for the password please enter you phone password
  • Once the Reset is Done Please Restart the Iphone.
  • Now connect your iphone with wifi network using the wifi password from start

Hopefully this should help you Fix the issue. if your iPhone is still drooping the internet then chances indicates towards hardware issues. its highly Unlikely but sometimes there is hardware failure with iPhone network card.

as a last resort you can reset the iPhone to default settings Or Contact apple for assistance with the matter.

Hopefully you enjoyed the Post and it helped you. In case you need more help please comment below and Help us understand and improve our Guide for other people.


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