Fix iPhone won’t connect to wifi network

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you must be thinking about why my iPhone won’t connect to WiFi and what you can do to correct the situation for continued internet usage. Today this post is dedicated to helping you fix your iPhone won’t connect to wifi problem. Use this Post to Fix the Issue where your iPhone is connected but no internet is working.

First, let’s Understand Why iPhone may refuse to Connect with WiFi Or Gives you an error saying can’t connect to this network. Read the Post till last to find the fix they will help you rectify the problem. in our post related to similar issues, we have explained why Wifi keeps disconnecting from wifi and how to fix it.

While doing research for this topic and Upon testing in hand we find that many websites may tell you to perform unnecessary troubleshooting that does not help to fix the issues so we try to keep it short, simple, and accurate.

Why iPhone is not connecting to WiFi

Honestly its not a big issue but just a normal tech mesh-up that can be fixed in simple steps. Issues behind this problem Could be such as –

  • TechnicalGlitch/Software Bug
  • Incorrect, change Or Mistypes wireless Password
  • Wifi Network Range Issues
  • Outdated Driver/Firmware Issue
  • Security/Firewall issues

Whatever the cause and no matter how sure of the issue please always start with basic troubleshooting & diagnostics of incorrect Orders. The first step to fixing the problem is to which device has the issue.

Diagnosing the Problematic Devices

Now connecting iPhone with the wifi network would require 2-way communication and device settings should be compatible. If you are using the WiFi network with a wifi router Or With a Hotspot Please Make sure other computers and phones are able to connect with it.

if the Wifi works for other devices then there are more chances of an issue with the iPhone. if the problem is with the router or hotspot and other devices are also not connecting then reset the router/hotspot settings.

Assuming you have a bit of an issue with both sides let’s start troubleshooting from scratch to help you get connected with your iPhone and enjoy the wireless internet.

diagnostics devices

Technical Glitch/Software Bug

Now, Most of the time these issues could be Fixed in Simple Steps. Give it a Try –

  • Go to the Settings Of your iPhone and go to WiFi
  • Turn off the WiFi and turn it back on
  • Click on any saved network and click on Forget to remove that WiFi network
  • Restart the iPhone and perform a restart on your Router/Modem/Hotspot

Now try to Connect With it. You can also Try More steps such as Renew Lease and Reset network settings as we explained with images in our last similar post that helps you to fix iPhone keeps disconnecting from wifi

Reset Network settings

Let’s Move towards further troubleshooting for Solutions.

Fix iPhone won’t connect to wifi internet

if the issue is not resolved with the basic steps let’s investigate the issue further and try a bit more steps to find the Fix. Let’s Head Towards Router and See what we can do to fix the Problem Related to Router.

Router Range

now you must understand that your wifi system regardless of router/extender/internet plan has a limited wireless range. if you are out of the range or At the edge of your wireless router it may not work. Please be closer or within Good signal connectivity to connect with wifi.

Incorrect, change Or Mistypes wireless Password

Now log in to your wifi router admin console using the default settings. Use this Routerlogin website to login with your wifi router depending on your brand. Go to wireless settings and look for wireless password Know as a Network key, Passprease, passcode within router console.

Once you find out the correct WiFi password remember it’s case sensitive so type it carefully. if the wifi password is way more complex then you can change it from where you find it under the router console.

Update driver/firmware

sometimes minor bugs and security patches may cause issues while connecting iPhone to a WiFi network so Please Check the Router for updates and also Look for the Latest ios update. Connect with your iTunes and update the latest version of your iPhone.

ios update

Restart the iPhone and router again and try to connect iPhone to the wifi network. in case your iPhone is still not connecting with wifi then Go further to Find the Fix.

Security/Firewall Problem

Sometimes a Network Firewall or Inside Security may block the WiFi connection. Please check to make sure nothing is blocking the internet for your iPhone and log in to your router and check the connected devices list and make sure your iPhone is not banned from the wifi network by the network admin of your Home. Please Unblock it Or Reset the router carefully if you think that problem is with the router.

When nothing seems to work please restart the iPhone in safe mode and see if it is connected with the network Or take your backup online Or Offline of your iPhone data.

Please perform a factory reset on your iPhone and see if that solves the issue. still, having issues?

Take it to the apple store or any other local repair shop that will help you fix the issue.

That’s all for now but in case you have any feedback or suggestion please comment below and let us know what more we can do to fix iPhone that won’t connect to wifi.

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