Fix mouse keeps disconnecting & Reconnecting

When we use a computer, the mouse plays an important role in managing the computer system well. Generally, we have three types of mice, wired mouse, USB mouse, and wireless(Bluetooth) mouse.

You can find a situation where your mouse suddenly stops working or disconnects from your computer. This problem can ensue in all four types of mice. Most people find this problem in Windows 10. They said their mouse disconnected as soon as they installed the latest update of Windows 10 on their computer.

It can happen because of numerous reasons. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons and the solutions to the mouse disconnecting problem.

You are using a defective mouse

Solution: Maybe the problem is not with mouse drivers and Windows 10, it could be possible that you are using a defective mouse. Therefore, it is very important to check whether you are using the correct mouse or the defective one.

To check this, connect your mouse to another computer. If you don’t have another computer you can also connect the mouse with any android device by an OTG cable.

If your mouse disconnecting problem continues with another device, it means the problem is in your mouse. You are using a faulty mouse. But if the mouse starts working properly it means you are facing driver or window-related issues on your computer.

the expired battery in your mouse.

Solution: Wireless mouse works with the help of a battery. You can use a single piece of battery for a maximum of three months. It could be possible that you are using an expired battery. Hence, u need to change the battery of your wireless mouse if you are using it for more than three months.

Another reason for the disconnection of the mouse is that you are using it at a large distance from your computer. Always try to use a mouse from the smallest possible distance from the computer.

Trackball may not function properly

Solution: Trackball is a pointing device, which is located beneath the mouse and rolls the mouse across the surface. It determines the position and rotation of the mouse.

There are mainly three sensors of trackball which control everything. They catch dirt very easily. If you use the mouse with a dirty hand or you eat while working, the sensor will collect all the dirt and your mouse will stop working.

To clean the sensors, release the trackball slowly. Use the eraser side of a pencil to clean the sensors. It will remove all the dust from the sensors.

The best way to clean the sensors is to puff some air from your mouth into them. It will blow up all the dust from the sensors.

You can also use tissue paper to clean the sensors. Be careful while cleaning them with tissues, don’t rub them hard otherwise you will get in more trouble.

The next time, always wash your hands before using the mouse. Do not eat anything near your computer and always keep your mouse on a clean expanse.

Maybe you are using the wrong driver

Solution: Using the wrong drivers can be the reason for mouse disconnecting. Always choose the right device drivers and keep them updated.

If you don’t want to update the device driver on your own, you can use “driver easy”. It will directly tell what driver fits your computer well. It will automatically choose the appropriate driver for your computer. Its pro version allows you to update the latest drivers in just two steps.

You can take its membership for the pro version. It will assure you of a refund for 30 days in case you don’t like the app. You need to perform the following steps:

Download Driver Easy and then install it on your computer.

When you open it, you will find a button as “Scan now”. Press that button. It will automatically detect the problem with your drivers.

Now it will show you all the driver updates your driver needs. Choose the option update all. It will download and install all the required updates.

Restart your computer and check if the mouse disconnecting problem fix or not.

it’s also possible that your system is freezing and you are gettings a 100% disk usage error which is causing the mouse or other components to act strange.

Check the status of USB selective suspend

Solution: There is an option on your computer to disable the USB selective suspend. By disabling it your PC may not allow unauthorized USB to connect with your PC. This could be the one reason for your mouse disconnection.

So, change the USB selective suspend setting. To change the settings, you have to follow the following steps.

  • Search the control panel and press it
  • You will a button as Hardware Setting.
  • Choose the power option there. Select the current power plan.
  • Click on change the plan setting

After then click on the advance power option. There you will find the two buttons one as disable and another as enable. Choose to enable.

Reinsert your mouse USB and the mouse disconnecting problem is solved.

Reason 6: You are using the older version of Windows 10

Solution: If you are using the older version of Windows 10 you may face the mouse disconnecting problem. Firstly, you need to update the latest version of Windows 10 which was released in November 2019. Follow the following steps to update your window.

Click on “Start” button -> type “updates” -> select “check for updates” -> if Status is pending then install it otherwise it will show up to date.

After installation is done Click on “Start” -> Click on “Power” button -> Click on “Update and restart” or “Update and Shut down”

Now, I introduced almost all the possible ways to solve the mouse disconnecting problem. So, whenever you face this problem try to follow the above steps.

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