Printer Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi Network

Well, you might have got trouble struggling out to connect your printer to the Wi-Fi wireless network at your home or workplace. The problem occurs even when your printer, laptop, and Wi-Fi router are kept in the same room. If there is a wall, doors, and floors between the printer and router, then there might be a problem of getting a weak signal printing any document.
So in this article, you will be getting the solution for the printer which keeps disconnecting from your Wi-Fi network. 
Methods to fix printer which keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network. Sometimes the Printer is not the culprit its the wifi keeps disconnecting

Connect the printer with a cable

If you are facing any problem with the connection between printer and router then try connecting it through cable. Now, look at whether the Wi-Fi signal is working. If your printer is working through the USB cable, then you should move it near the router. 

Place your printer in a new spot

You should place your printer in a new spot but not far from the Wi-Fi router. Though the network connection from the Wi-Fi which we get to print documents is invisible. But there might often get interrupted by many things inside the which can affect the Wi-Fi signals.

If your printer is inside the table or under the desk, then you should move it. If you placed the printer inside the wooden door, then before printing and document you should open the door and then try to print. In that case, you will avoid interruption for Wi-Fi signals. 

you can also use WPS methods to connect the printer with wifi. find a WPS pin on hp printer to connect printer to wifi.

Check the printer queue

The error caused a print job that may be holding the work that you want to do. So, in that case, you need to simply cancel it as a large document may take more time to download and print from the printer. So, it is better to cancel and print the new document which you want.

Reboot the printer

The process of rebooting any device is a common solution that works most of the time. It is also known as the power cycling method. In this case, you have to simply unplug the cable of the printer from the socket and wait for at least 5 minutes and then plug it again. That’s it! This might help you solve this problem of the printer which keeps on disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network.

Update the firmware

Manufacturers of a printer afternoon come up with updates to fix the bugs and other many issues. It also includes the problem of connection that interrupts the router connecting to the printer. When you move from Windows 8 to Windows 10 it might create some connection problem. So in that case updating from where might solve be a problem quickly. 

Reset the printer

This is your last option. Any of the above methods don’t work then resetting the printer will be the last option. The process of resetting the printer will dear all the data with settings including the Wi-Fi login information and you can re-establish the connection.

The steps to perform the factory reset is different for all different brands. You should give a try for resetting the printer and then unplug it for at least 5 minutes before starting it again.

So these are the easy and effective steps to resolve the problem which you caused due to connection. If all of the above methods fail including the last option that is resetting the printer then it would be a critical situation.

So in this case, I will recommend you to contact the manufacturer’s helpline number so that a tech expert can solve your problem easily. I hope this article helped you with a solution to your issue with connection problem. Comment below which of the method have worked for you.

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