Fix Ps4 keeps disconnecting from wifi

ps4 keeps disconnecting wifi

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Today in this Post we Present you with an ultimate Guide on How to fix Ps4 Keeps Disconnecting From the WiFi issue. After a lot of digging and testing, we did find a set of troubleshooting that may help you rectify the problem. Also, PlayStation disconnecting from the WiFi network is a much-known issue for maximum users So Read the post till last and follow the steps Carefully.

Why Ps4 Keeps Disconnecting From the Internet

Honestly, there is no simple answer to this question and that makes Troubleshooting a bit difficult. Streaming a Game With live actions Requires Many things Such-

  • Faster Internet Connection
  • Updated Version of PS4 Operating system
  • Compatible And Connected Network Equipment

Now issues such as Slow Internet Connection, Outdated Router, and Ps4/Ps5 Software or N number of things could be Behind it So Lets Focus On Diagnostics and Solving the issue at hand by Understanding more about it.

You need to understand that your Internet Or WiFi Network includes many devices that help you get a stable internet connection. Involved components are Modem, Router, PS4, and Cable Connection. we have already Given You Complete troubleshooting steps for wifi keeps disconnecting problem but this post is dedicated to ps4 WiFi problems.

Now Let’s Make a Plan to Fix the Issue and we fix the problem in steps. The first step Should be the Testing So Letsa Break it Down into parts –

Testing the Network Components

Your Internet Or WiFi Network includes many devices that help you get a stable internet connection. Check out Whether Random Internet disconnection issues are with Other devices Or Just Only With PS4.

if Other devices such as laptops, Phones, and Other Internet-using devices are also having the same issue every once in a while then the problem is not With the Ps4 it’s with the Router.

Now we know where the problem is so let’s Try to Fix them One By one and if you are not sure try Both-

Fix Wifi Problem With Router/Modem

Now you may be connected to the Router but the internet is coming from the internet devices provider through Cable Modem. It’s time you check Both devices Before Proceeding.

  • Disconnect the internet cable from Router Which is coming from Modem. Now plug the Ethernet cable directly into the Modem bypassing the WiFi router. This way Modem is connected directly to your laptop
  • Restart the modem along with Router and disconnect the laptop from the wifi network and turn off the router.
  • Use the internet with the laptop for the next 10 min and if the connection is stable then Modem is fine if the internet drops Please call your internet service provider.
  • if the Modem test is Successful and Ps4 is also Looking Good then the culprit could be the WiFi router.

Adjusting Router settings

Login to your WiFi router using the default details mentioned at the back of routers such as default IP, username, and password. Now observe the settings and if you are not sure where to look please contact Support and Ask for Help.

Sometimes there are server problems in the network. it’s best that you try to boot ps4 in safe Mode

For Recommend tips we can tell you to try out few things that would help-

  • Update the WiFi router firmware to the latest version.
  • adjust channel settings and open the 5.0 GHz Network band and try using it for the play station.
  • Some WiFi routers may Provide you With features to prioritize internet uses for devices. Please set your play station as a Priority device While Using the WiFi internet
  • Bring the Router Closer to the play station know the range of your Router and Evaluate the wireless Interference.
  • get a WiFi range extender or Mesh router to extend and strengthen the signal Quality
  • Changing the Modem, Router and sometimes even internet Provider may also help you get a Quick fix.

Change the SSID Name & Password

If the previous solution doesn’t solve the issue then there may be a chance to fix the problem by changing the SSID name and password for the wifi router. Just change these settings by Accessing the router console and reconnecting the ps4 using the new network name and password.

Changing the DNS settings

Sometimes there might be an issue with the DNS server setting and how it’s accessed. We can change the DNS server settings and see if it fixes the issue. We are sharing steps to change DNS server settings. Steps are given below, chromatically.

  1. Find “settings” in our PS4 menu bar and select the option.
  2. Looking for the “network” option and selecting that.
  3. We need to go find an option named “Set up internet connection” and click that.
  4. There we will get two options and we need to select the one named “ Use WiFi”.
  5. After that, another window will open and we need to select “Custom” from there.
  6. We need to select the network we are using or the WiFi network from our own router.
  7. After connecting with the network there will be another window and we need to select the “do not specify” option from there and enter.
  8. Select the DNS setting on “manual” mode and enter.
  9. After this step, we will get two options 1. Primary DNS and 2. Secondary DNS. Here we need to set up the Primary DNS on – and the Secondary DNS on –

Turning off the Media Server

This might sound weird but it works regarding this particular issue. There are many cases that are fixed by simply turning off or disabling the “Media Server” from our PS4 device. With three easy steps, we can do this. Just simply Find “settings” on the PS4 menu then select “network” and then go to “Media Server Network” and disable or turn it off.

Reset the Router

Now WiFi Router settings can be tricky sometime for an average user and with hundred of setting it gets even more confusing. to tackle the issue if you Must Reset the router then follow these steps to do it –

  • Restart the Router and plug it into the power source and Locate the reset key at the back of the Router.
  • Wear Rubber Gloves for safety and Find a tiny object such as a toothpick, Paper clip, or Pen to reset
  • Press the reset key and hold it for the next 20-30 sec and when all light starts blinking let the reset key Go
  • Restart the router one more time and reconfigure its settings per your need.

Update Playstation

Normally when an Update is available on your PlayStation you will get automatically notified and an Updated will be available for download and installation. Somehow if your play station is not updated or the software seems to be corrupted then you can download the software from the official website of your PlayStation and update the software.

Reset the Ps4/Ps5

When the problem is not with the router and modem then it is your ps4. if your ps4 keeps disconnecting from wifi even after all this Quick fix and nothing seems to work then before you take it to the repair shop please give it a last shot at resetting the PlayStation to default settings and see if that helps.

You can perform a Soft console Reset for PlayStation as well as a PS4 hard reset. Understand How to factory reset ps4 and get it working like a charm again.

Calling the help desk

Contacting support should help you if none of these steps did help. You can choose to contact your router/modem Or internet provider company or if your ps4 is under warranty please take it to the store and get it fixed or replaced.

in any case, if you think you are close to the fix or you have any tips to add to this guide Please do let us know so we can improve the post for others.

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