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This Post is All about How to Fix Toshiba laptop wireless problems. today in this guide we will explain the Possible Router cause of the Problem that your Toshiba laptop has with the WiFi network. Combined all Steps You can use the same tips for Solving Similar Toshiba wireless issues Like

  • Toshiba laptop Keep disconnecting from wifi
  • Slow wifi internet in Toshiba laptop
  • No Wifi Network Or Driver is available on the Toshiba laptop

if Your Running Windows 7 Or Windows 10 operating system on a Toshiba laptop then this post is just for You. First, we must Understand Why you Had these issues With the Toshiba laptop.

This Post is More Focused On Toshiba Laptop However we have Given a Similar Complete Guide On How to fix WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Problem But first let’s focus on the problem at and first.

Why Toshiba laptop Won’t Connect to wifi

Now there could be many issues that could cause your Toshiba Problem with the wireless Network. Issues Such as-

  • Airplane Mode/Switch Is On Or Broken
  • Incorrect WiFi Password
  • Blacklisted Devices
  • Non-Compatible Or Outdated WiFi Driver

Now we Know the Possible issues Lets Fix the Problem.

Fix Airplane Mode issues

it is Know issue that haunted Many Toshiba Laptop users for a long time. Airplane Modes turning On Automatically or accidentally would seize the internet from working to Fix the Issue You must Make sure to turn it Off. There are two ways You can turn it Off –

Restart Your Computer and it Should turn off the airplane Mode and Solve any Minor technical Glitch However if your Toshiba laptop is Stuck in Airplane Mode then it’s Time to Go Manual.

Turn Off the Airplane Mode – Look on your Toshiba Computer and Locate the WiFi Hotkey that has Airplane Printed on it. we are exactly Not sure Of a particular key that may help because of the Hundreds of Makes and Models of the Toshiba laptops. manually turn Off the airplane Mode using the Toshiba laptop keyboard.

You can Also Use Windows Features to Do it in a quick way-

  • Click on Arrow Pointing Up at the right-hand bottom of your laptop.
  • Now Click On the Internet Icon and Go to Network Settings.
  • Click On the airplane Mode to Turn it Off and connect with wireless Network.

this should help you. However, if you still have issues Lets Go toward Other checkpoints.

Incorrect WiFi Password

if you Don’t know your WiFi password Or if you have mistyped the wireless password then your Toshiba laptop won’t connect to WiFi (Wireless Password is Case sensitive).

Please Login to Your wireless router Console or Check your wifi hotspot settings for the Correct password. Carefully type the password and connect with the wireless network. it is also Important to Connect with the Correct network so make Sure Your SSID (Network Name).

While Logging in to your laptop Please check and Make sure The security Protocol on the Router is WPS2/PSK Which is most recommended as of now. Some of the old wireless network cards and New Ones Don’t Support the WEP Password Type.

Blacklisted Device

if you have a router or Hotspot Providing you WiFi internet then there is a possibility that your network anyone from your house or person with access to a hotspot can Block the device from being connected to the wireless network. Make sure you are not blacklisted.

Now Steps Given above should help you fix the Problem with WiFi not connecting with Toshiba. there are similar issues where you have Issues with Toshiba laptop disconnecting and Connecting from the internet. let’s focus on How to Solve it-

Toshiba Laptop Keeps disconnecting WiFi

Now when your Laptop keeps disconnecting from wireless that is different than No internet at all So let’s Try with a Few Tips First –

  • Restart Modem/router and Laptop altogether.
  • Forget the network and reconnect with wifi using a wireless password
  • update router firmware and Toshiba Laptop operating system.
  • Updating the wireless driver may fix the issue.

Update Outdated Wireless Driver

if your wireless adapter is Outdated then it’s Going to cause you issues and it may refuse to Connect with wifi network. Please follow the steps to update the Driver.

  1. Click on Windows Key and go to settings>Network & Internet
  2. From Here Click On Change Adapter Options and then You Should See All Network Adapters
  3. Right Click on your Wireless adapter & Go to Properties then click on Configure.
  4. Now Go to Driver and Click on Update Driver
  5. Let the Windows automatically Search the updated version of Driver if you are connected To the internet

No Wifi Network Available

When You see no Network available on your laptop and when turning off airplane mode Or Restart did not fix that Problem Then Its time for some Good troubleshooting,

Wireless driver Can be corrupted Or damaged by critical windows Update or any other firewall/security or technical Glitch. Before installing a new One let’s make sure we have cleaned up the Older version of the wireless driver.

Now, this is Where most of the So-Called Solution telling websites will get you confused. they will suggest you update the driver without understanding that your Toshiba is not connecting to the internet so how come you can update it, in short, You would need to perform a Fresh copy of the Driver but first let’s Help you Uninstall the Old driver.

Uninstall/Install the driver

  • Press the Windows Key + R Together and open the Run Box.
  • Type devmgmt.msc and Hit Ok then Click on Network adapters.
  • Now right-click on Your wireless Adapter and hit Uninstall device

Once it is uninstalled Please Connect the computer from the router using an ethernet cable and Go to the official Toshiba website. You can use Other Computer to download the Toshiba driver From the website. Using a flash drive Please transfer the Driver to the Toshiba laptop and Use the steps given above to Update the wireless driver.

Instead of Choosing Automatically download the driver Please Upload the driver that you have just downloaded from the Toshiba website.

After the installation please restart the laptop and see if that works.

Rollback/reset Toshiba laptop

Now to restore the Toshiba laptop Please Follow the steps Carefully.

  • Press the Windows key + R together and open the Run Bar
  • Type Rstrui.exe and Click Ok then Follow the onscreen inspiration to reset the computer to backdate when wifi was working.
  • after the Restore Please Restart the Laptop and see if works.

If the last step did not work then Try starting the Toshiba laptop in safe Mode and see if it makes the troubleshooting easy. In Windows 10 Under recovery, there is an Option to Reset the PC. Please backup your computer before you reset the Toshiba laptop. Keep the personal Files and reset all apps back to default and maybe that will help.

we hope this will help you fix Toshiba laptop Problems with wireless. Comment and do let us know what more you need help with regarding this topic.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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